Working Papers

Labor Market Responses to Legal Work Hour Reduction: Evidence from Japan (with Hisahiro Naito and Izumi Yokoyama) December 2008

Stable Wage Distribution in Japan, 1982-2002: A Counter Example for SBTC? (with Yuko Mori), July 2008.

Male-Female Wage and Productivity Differentials: A Structural Approach Using Japanese Firm-level Panel Data
(with Hirokatsu Asano) March 2007.

Deferred Compensation: Evidence from Employer-Employee Matched Data from Japan (with Kyoji Fukao, Ryo Kambayashi, Hyeog Ug Kwon, Young Gak Kim, and Izumi Yokoyama) October 2006.

The Bound Estimate of the Gender Wage Convergence under Empoyment Compositional Change
(with Hisahiro Naito) May 2006.

The Efficient Moment Estimation of the Probit Model with an Endogenous Continuous Regressor (with Hisahiro Naito) June 2005.