Visiting Foreign Scholar Seminar Seriecs

Date Speaker Title
2005/5/19 Chan-Hyun Sohn (KIEP and Yokohama National University) Choice of FTA partners and roadmap to an East Asian FTA
2005/5/25 Randall Norck (University of Alberta) American Zaibatsu
2005/6/28 Kaz Miyagiwa (Emory University) Preemptive outsourcing and national welfare
2005/7/5 Koichi Hamada(Yale University) Information asymmetry and the problem of transfers in trade negotiations and international agencies
2005/7/30 Roger Sandilands (University of Strathclyde, UK) Allyn Young on macroeconomic increasing returns
2005/8/15 Gilles Hilary (The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology) The effect of auditor choice on financing decisions
2005/9/16 Tat'yana Khomenko (CISS) Developments of SNA in CIS countries
2005/9/16 Renee Adams (Stockholm School of Economics) Do directors perform for pay?
2005/10/18 Tat'yana Khomenko (CISS) Developments of SNA in CIS countries
2005/10/18 Yuri Ivanov (CISS) Problems of international comparisons of GDP of Russia
2005/11/7 Karoly Fazekas (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) The impact of the FDI to the Hungarianl Labor market
2005/11/21 Robert Ivan Gal (TARKI Social Research Institute Inc.) Pensions in the system of public intergenerationsl transfer flows: the Hungarian case
2005/12/6 Victoria V. Golikova (State University-Higher School of Economics,Moscow) Factors of competitiveness of Russian SMEs: evidence from a pilot survey in lLeningrad and Ekaterinburg
2005/12/6 Ksenia Yudaeva (Center for Economic and Financial Research, Moscow) Foreign direct investment into Russia: a comparative study
2006/2/24 Leonid Kosals (Higher School of Economics, Russia) System of clan capitalism long-run future of Russia
2006/2/24 Elena Gavrilina (Moscow State University) Ecological security in central Asia
2006/3/6 Swapan Das Gupta(Dalhausie University) On Weitzman's rule and Hartwick's rule in the theory of intertemporal equity and welfare
2006/3/9 Innwon Park (Korea University) In search of optimized regional trade agreements and applications to East Asia
2006/3/23 Jim Gatheral (Merrill Lynch in New York,New York University) Valuation of volatility derivatives

* In this seminar series, visiting economists and scholars from abroad give talks. The talks are sponsored by the University.

Asia Pacific Trade Seminars Conference

Date Speaker Title
2005/7/30 Kaz Miyagiwa (Emory University) Learning and information in strate policy
2005/7/30 Tomohiro Kuroda(Nagoyagakuin University) Are emission taxes good for environment in a open economy?
2005/7/30 Kenzo Abe (Osaka University) International labor standards and their harmonization?
2005/7/30 Jota Ishikawa (Hitotsubashi University) Corporate control, foreign wwnership regulation and technology transfer?
2005/7/30 Zhihao Yu (Carleton University) IT, production specialization, and division and labor: a Smith-Ricardo model of International trade
2005/7/30 Naoto Jinji (Okayama University) Social dumping and international
2005/7/30 Ben Zissimos (Vanderbilt University) Why are trade blocks regional?
2005/7/30 Yasukazu Ichino (Konan University) Parallel imports and tariff policy
2005/7/30 Taiji Furusawa (Hitotsubashi University) Policy implementation under endogenous time incosistency
2005/7/30 Alan Woodland (University of Sydney) Pollution abatement and tied foreign aid
2005/7/30 Richard Baldwin (Graduate Institute of International Studies) Heterogeneous firms, agglomeration and economic geography: Spatial selection and sorting
2005/7/30 Larry Qiu (Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology) Endogenous mergers in industries heterogeneous firms
2005/7/31 Kiyoshi Matsubara (Nagoya University) FDI with reverse imports and hollowing out
2005/7/31 Kenji Fujiwara (Kobe University) Unilateral and miltilateral gains from trade in interantional oligopoly
2005/7/31 Morihiro Yomogida (Hitotsubashi University) Stategic fragmentation and production subsidies
2005/7/31 Bin Xu (China Europe International Business School) Factor productivity and global trade
2005/7/31 Mitsuyo Ando (Hitotsubashi University) Global supply chains in machinery trade and the sophisticated nature of production disribution networks in East Asias
2005/7/31 Jahangir Alam (Univ, of Chittagong) Intra-regional foreign direct investment the South Asian perspective

The First International Conference on Convergence of Financial and Insurance Service

Date Speaker Title
2005/10/14 Gregory Niehaus (South Carolina University) Interesting developments in alternative risk transfer in the US
2005/10/14 Nicos Scordis (St. John's university) Alternative risk financing: issues and challenges in managing risk

JSPS International Meeting Series

Date Speaker Title
2006/3/11 John A. Weymark (Vanderbilt University) Consitent measures of individual welfare change fro expected utility maximizers
2006/3/11 Marc Fluerbaey (CNRS, Paris CERSES.) To envy ro to be envies? Refinements of no-envy for the compensation problem
2006/3/11 Nicholas Baigent (University of Graz) Continuous social choice and dictatorship
2006/3/11 Tomoichi Shinotsuka (University of Tsukuba) Remarks on population ethics
2006/3/11 Peter Hammond (Stanford University) Schumeterian innovation in modeling decisions, games, economic behaviour
2006/3/12 Kaushik Basu (Cornell University) Unemployment and vulnerability: a new class of measures, its axiomatic properties and applications
2006/3/12 Prasenta K. Pattanaik (University of California at Riverside) and Yongsheng XU (Georgia oState University) Ordinal distances between options and diversity: some dominance rules
2006/3/12 Walter Bossert (University of Montreal) Consistent preferences
2006/3/12 Yves Sprumont (University of Montreal) Weakened WARP and top-cycle choice rules
2006/3/12 Rajat Deb (Southern Methodist University) Rationalizing Cagan's demand for money function
2006/3/13 Maurice Salles (University de caen) A model logic approach to rights within social choice theory
2006/3/13 Koichi Syga (Waseda University) Veil of ignorance, impartiality, and priority
2006/3/13 Naoki Yoshihara (Hitotsubashi University) A resolution of conflicting claims in constructing social ordering functions
2006/3/13 Koichi Tadenuma (Hitotsubashi University) Rationality of the lexicographic compositon of two criteria