Economic Theory

Date Speaker Title
2005/4/8 Yongsub Chun
(Seoul National University)
Consistency and monotonicity in sequencing problems
2005/4/14 Akira Okada
(Hitotsubashi University)
A noncooperative approach to general n-person cooperative games
2005/6/23 Andrew McLennan
(University of Minnesota)
Uniqueness of stationary equilibrium payoffs in coalitional bargaining
2005/6/30 Toyotaka Sakai
(Yokohama National University)
Fair waste princing: an axiomatic analysis to the NIMBY problem
2005/7/7 Yukinori Iwata
(Hitotsubashi University)
A variation of nonconsequebtialism and its characterization
2005/7/28 Toshiyuki Hirai (Keio University) The core and nucleolus allocations in a public goods economy with taxation
2005/7/29 Eri Shirataki
(Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company)
Ryuichiro Ishikawa
(Tsukuba University)
Suggestive dominant straategies in cheap-talk games
2005/10/6 Naoki Yoshihara
(Hitotsubashi University)
On intial conferment of individual rights
2005/12/8 Hiroyuki Nakata
(University of Essex)
Modeling choice of information acquisition
2005/12/15 Fuhito Kojima
(Harvard University)
Incetives and stability in large two-sided matching markets (joint with Parag A. Pathak)
2005/12/22 Takashi Kunimoto
(McGill University)
The robustness of equilibrium analysis: the case of undominated Nash equilibrium
2006/1/19 Nicolas Houy
(Hitotsubashi University)
Rationality and order-dependent sequential rationality
2006/1/26 Hodaka Morita
(University of New South Wales)
Competitor collaboration and product distinctiveness
2006/2/2 Jeong-Yoo Kim
(Kyung Hee University)
A theory of consumer referral
2006/3/6 Swapan Das Gupta
(Dalhausie University)
On Weitzman's rule and Hartwick's rule in the theory of intertemporal equity and welfare

Macro & Money

Date Speaker Title
2005/4/14 Hak K. Pyo
Bong Chan Ha
(Seoul National University)
A test of separability and random effects in production function with decomposed IT capital
2005/5/12 Masayo Shikimi
(Hitotsubashi University)
Do firms benefit from multiple banking relationships? Evidence from small and medium-sized firms in Japan
2005/5/26 Naohito Abe
(Hitotsubashi University)
Employment policy and corporate governance: an empirical analysis on the stakeholder model in Japan
2005/6/9 Tatsuma Wada
(Boston University)
Trend and cycles: A new approach and explanations of some old puzzles (with Piette Perron)
2005/6/23 Masayuki Otaki
(University of Tokyo)
A unified macroeconomic theory: Keynesian-monetarist controversy as an equilibrium selection problem
2005/6/30 Jeong-Joon Lee
(Towson University)
The adjusted Solow residual and asset returns
2005/7/7 Masao Ogaki
(Ohio State University)
The distortionary effects of inflation: an empirical investigation (with Vikas Kakkar)
2005/10/13 Etsuro Shioji
(Yokohama National University)
Basket pegs for East Asia? A new open macroeconomics perspective
2005/10/20 Hisashi Nakamura
(University of Tokyo)
The optimality of defautable debt countract in continuous time
2005/11/24 Yong Ding Yu
(Chincese Academy of Social Sciences)
Exchange rate system reform in China
2005/11/30 Ryuzou Miyao
(Kobe University)
Factors of fluctuations in the Japanese economy: role of productivity shock
2005/12/15 Kozo Kiyota
(Yokohama National University)
Effect of offshore production and foreign-ownership on employment in Japan (with Toshiyuki Matsuura)
2005/12/22 Iichiro Uesugi
(Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Ono Arito
(Mizuho Research Institute)
The role of collateral and personal guarantees in relationship lending: evidence from Japan's small business loan market

Statistics & Econometrics

Date Speaker Title
2005/5/13 Yoichi Kuwana
(Hitotsubashi University)
Estimation of VaR
2005/5/13 Tsunemasa Shiba, Hiroaki Chigira (Hitotsubashi University) Estimation of unknown heteroscedasticity
2005/5/27 Taku Yamamoto, Hiroaki Chigira (Hitotsubashi University) A new approach of dynamic panel model estimation
2005/6/10 Hajime Takahashi
(Hitotsubashi University)
Comparison of two binomial probabilities
2005/6/10 Satoru Kanoh
(Hitotsubashi University)
Further extensions of the Markov Switching Models
2005/6/16 Taisuke Otsu
(Yale University)
1.Minimax estimation and testing for moment condition models via large deviations
2.Asymptotic optimality of empirical lilkelihood for selecting moment restrictions
2005/6/17 Mototsugu Shintani
(Vanderbilt University)
Testing for a unit root against transitional autoregressive moodels
2005/6/24 Hiroaki Yamauchi (MTB Investment Technology Institute) On a tuning method for credit scoring models using multi-objective GA
2005/10/7 Keiko Yamaguchi
(Hitotsubashi University)
On the test of changing "d"
2005/10/7 Eiji Kurozumi
(Hitotsubashi University)
Point optimal tests for cointegration with unknown variance-covariance matrix
2005/10/14 Kazuhiko Hayakawa
(Hitotsubashi University)
Efficient GMM estimation with minimum number of instruments dynamic panel data models psoooblley with a large heterogeneity
2005/10/14 Katsuto Tanaka
(Hitotsubashi University)
On Wavelets
2005/10/28 Asuka Takeuchi
(Hitotsubashi University)
Option markets compared: S&P500 and Nikkei225
2005/10/28 Hideyuki Takamizawa
(Hitotsubashi University)
Interest rate volatility implicit in term structure data
2005/11/11 Reiko Tobe
(Hitotsubashi University)
ABS' problem in accounting: a view from finance theory
2005/11/11 Takayuki Shiohama
(Hitotsubashi University)
The effects of the age distributions on the long-run relationships between consumption and income in Japan
2005/11/26 Tomoaki Ito
(Hitotsubashi University)
Convertible bond priing by binomial tree model
2005/11/26 Katsuhiro Sugita
(Hitotsubashi University)
Time series analysis of the expectations theory of the term structure in the presence of the structural breaks
2005/12/9 Jung Hosung
(Hitotsubashi University)
Non-stationary panel with fixed T
2005/12/9 Toshio Honda
(Hitotsubashi University)
Nonparametric least absolute deviation regression for long-range dependent processes
2006/1/13 Kazuki Uematsu
(Hitotsubashi University)
Estimation of long memory model with seasonality

International Trade & Investment

Date Speaker Title
2005/5/13 Yongmin Chen
(University of Corolado)
Buyer investment, product variety, and intrafirm trade
2005/5/25 James Harrugan (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) Airplanes and comparative advantage
2005/5/31 Kakinaka Makoto
(Cornell University)
Sequential policy reform: leaning versus flexibility for open economics
2005/6/14 Yukiko Ito
(Brown University)
Shareholding decisions of multinational firms for foreign affiliates
2005/6/28 Kaz Miyagiwa (Department of Economics, Emory University) Preemptive outsourcing and national welfare
2005/7/5 Koichi Hamada
(Yale University)
Information asymmetry and the problem of transfers in trade negotiations and international agencies
2005/7/25 Richard E. Baldwin (Graduate Institute of International Studies) Footloose capital model with heterogeneous firms
2005/7/28 Elias Dinopoulos
(University of Florida)
How cool is C.O.O.L?
2005/11/22 Keith Head
(British Columbia University)
The puzzling persistence of the distance effect on bilateral trade
2005/12/1 Eden Yu
(City University of Hong Kong)
Environmental policy, international trade, and factor markets
2006/1/17 Richard Baldwin (Graduate Institute of International Studies) East Asian regionalism


Date Speaker Title
2005/4/12 Daiji Kawaguchi
(Hitotsubashi University)
Working mother and son's preference toward female labor: direct evidence from stated preference
2005/4/26 Shuji Takahashi
(Hitotsubashi University)
Technology licensing with regional restraints and technology transfer policy (in Japanese)
2005/5/10 Katsuhide Isa
(Hitotsubashi University)
Employee rotation and promotion in a large company : an analysis with long-range data (joint with Katsuhito Uehara) (in Japanese)
2005/5/17 Yongmin Chen
(University of Corolado)
Price and variety in the Spokes model
2005/5/24 Shinya Kinukawa
(Fujitsu Research Institute)
Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry after the US patent reform in the 1990s: an empirical study
2005/5/31 Makoto Watanabe
(Essex University)
Middlemen: the visible market makers
2005/6/7 Dan Sasaki (Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo) Efficiency of join enterprises with internal bargaining (joint with Lambertini and Poddar)
2005/6/21 Kanbayashi Ryo
(Hitotsubashi University)
Relationship between job offer and wage: search friction in Japan (in Japanese)
2005/7/5 Naoki Watanabe
(Hitotsubashi University)
Bargaining solutions in patent licensing games: a survey (in Japanese)
2005/10/11 Shoichi Hisa
(Hitotsubashi University)
Investment in Oligopoly Markets: Market Structure and Uncertainty (in Japanese)
2005/10/25 Tomohiro Machikita
(Hitotsubashi University)
Are job networks localized in a developing economy? Evidence from search methods for displaced workers in Thailand
2005/11/8 Kouji Kuroda
(Dainippon Printing Co., Ltd.)
Material behavior in printing process detected by scientific eyes and human eyes: the viewpoint of integrated science (in Japanese)
2005/11/22 Seiko Arai
(Oxford University)
R&D activities of European and Japanese firms in the United States (in Japanese)
2005/12/20 Wataru Suzuki
(Tokyo Gakugei University)
Health and employment of homeless people: field survey in Sumida ward, Tokyo (in Japanese)
2006/1/17 Koichiro Onishi
(Institute of Intellectual Property)
Does invention encouragement plan enhance incentives of corporate researchers?: a panel data analysis (in Japanese)
2006/1/31 Toshiaki Iizuka
(Aoyama Gakuin University)
The effects of direct-to-consumer advertising in the prescription drug market
2006/2/7 Katsuhide Isa
(Hitotsubashi University)
Empirical strategy in moral hazard models: a survey (in Japanese)

Public Economics

Date Speaker Title
2005/11/30 Shun-ichiro Bessho (Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance, Japan) Subsidized local bonds through local allocation tax grants

International Economics

Date Speaker Title
2005/6/26 Peter Ganes
(Max-Planck Institute)
Economic analysis of IP exhaustion
2005/6/26 Sadao Nagaoka
(Hitotsubashi University)
Efficient appropriation of R&D investments and the exhaustion principle
2005/6/26 Yu Xiang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) Exhaustion and trade between developing coutries - China as an example
2005/6/26 Yoshiyuki Tamura
(Hokkaido University)
Exhaustion theory in Japanese case law
2005/6/26 Hisao Shiomi
(Tsukuba University)
Exhaustion as subject to freedom of contract Some thoughts on the impplied
2005/6/26 Peter Ganes
(Max-Planck Institute)
Effects of new technologies on copyright exhaustion? On the feasibility of the so-called"online exhaustion"
2006/3/20 Kotaro Suzumura
(Hitotsubashi University)
Persisiting problems concerning welfare economics: whatever left of Pigou's 'old' welfare economics
2006/3/20 Roger E.. Backhouse
(University of Birmingham)
The place of ethics in British economics: welfare economics before Robbins's essay
2006/3/20 Steven G. Medema
(University of Colorado)
Pigou's prim facie case: welfare economics in theory and practice
2006/3/20 Yuichi Shionoya
(Hitotsubashi University)
The Oxford approach to the philosophical foudations of the welfare state
2006/3/20 Tamotsu Nishizawa
(Hitotsubashi University)
From welfare economics to the welfare state: Filida, Marshall, and Hobson
2006/3/21 Maria Cristina Marcuzzo
(University of Rome)
Keynes and the welfare state
2006/3/21 Rod O'Donell
(Maquarie University)
Keynes and social justice
2006/3/21 Richard Toyo
(Cambridge University)
Loyd George Churchill, and the new liberal welfare reforms, 1905-14
2006/3/21 Atsushi Komine (Ryukoku University) Beveridge on welfare society: an integration of the trilogy
2006/3/21 Bruce Caldwell
(University of North Calorina)
Hayek's road to serfdom
2006/3/21 Steve Fleetwood
(Lancaster University)
Labour markets in a neoliberal world: turning Hayek against Hayek
2006/3/23 Gilles Dostaler
(University of Quebec at Montreal)
Keynes, knowledge and the method of economics
2006/3/23 Toshiaki Hirai
(Sophia University)
An analysis of the proofing process of the general theory
2006/3/23 Eleonora Sanfilippo
(University of Rome)
Keynes and Robertson and their collaboration during the war on questions of national and internatonal monetary policy
2006/3/23 Omar Hamouda
(York University)
Hicks on Keynes' macroeconomics
2006/3/23 Yoshio Watanabe
(Meiji University)
The Post Keynesian theory of endogenous money supply as a development of Keynes'
2006/3/23 Mauro Bianovsky
(University of Brasilia)
Generalizing general equilibrium: from Arrow to Malinvaud


Date Speaker Title
2005/5/10 Ed Brown
(Loughborough University)
CAFTA: solidifying globalization in central America?