Economic Theory

Date Speaker Title

Toyotaka Sakai

(Yokohama National University)

General Equivalence to the Uniform Rule through Strategic Manipulation

Toshimasa Maruta (Nihon University)

Multiple Stochastically Stable Equilibria in Coordination Games

Zaifu Yang

(Yokohama National University)

Double-Track Auction and Job Matching Mechanisms for Allocating Gross Substitutes and Complements (co-authored with Ning Sun)
2007/2/1 Byoung Heon Jun (Korea University) The precision of information and bargaining power

Youngsub Chun

(Seoul National University)

Population sustainability of social and economic networks

Roberto Veneziani

(University of London)

Liberalism implies equality (joint with Marco Mariotti)
2007/3/15 Nicolas Houy (University of Paris) Dynamics of Stable Sets of Constitutions
2007/4/19 Hiroyuki Nakata (University of Essex) TBA
2007/4/26 Midori Hirokawa (Hosei University) A bargaining model on the anticommons (joint with Richard Cornes)
2007/5/10 Ezra Einy (Hitotsubashi University) On the existence of Bayesian Cournot Equilibrium

Kaname Miyagishima

(Hitotsubashi University)

Ranking Linear Budget Sets

Daisuke Nakajima

(University of Michigan)

Theory of Choice by Elimination (joint with Yusufcan Masatlioglu)

Nori Tarui

(University of Hawaii at Manoa)

Cooperation on Climate-Change Mitigation
2007/6/14 In-Koo Cho (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Perishable Durable Goods

Naoki Yoshihara

(Hitotsubashi University)

On general existence of party-unanimity Nash equilibria in multi-dimensional political competition games

Koichi Tadenuma

(Hitotsubashi University)

Lexicographic Compositions of Two Criteria for Decision Making
2007/10/4 Yosuke Yasuda (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies) The Theory of Collusion Under Financial Constraints
2007/10/11 Takashi Kunimoto (McGill University) Robust Virtual Implementation with Incomplete Information: Towards a Reinterpretation of the Wilson Doctrine (joint with Georgy Artemov and Roberto Serrano)
2007/10/18 Tadashi Sekiguchi (Kyoto University) Optimal Sharing Rules in Repeated Partnerships
2007/11/7 Kazuya Hyogo (Ryukoku University) Lexicographic Expected Utility with a Subjective State Space

Norio Takeoka

(Ritsumeikan University)

Menu-Dependent Self-Control
2007/11/7 Mayumi Horie (Kyoto University) A General Update Rule for Convex Capacities

Kentaro Fukumoto

(Gakushuin Univerisity)

(in Japanese)
2007/12/20 Hideo Konishi (Boston College) Contributing or Free-Riding? A Theory of Endogenous Lobby Formation (with Taiji Furusawa)

Macro & Money

Date Speaker Title

Yasuhiro Arikawa

(Waseda Univerisity)

The Adoption of Poison Pills and Managerial Entrenchment: Evidence from Japan
2007/1/23 Hiromi Nosaka (Kansai University) Team production as a source of low fertility

George W. Evans

(University of Oregon)

Can Perpetual Learning Explain the Forward-Premium Puzzle?

(with Avik Chakraborty)


Kazuki Yokoyama

(Nagoya City University)

Too Big to Fail: the Panic of 1927

Satoko Takamatsu

(Hitotsubashi University)

(in Japanese)

Hideaki Murase

(Nagoya City University)

Financial Globalization: Robin Hood or King John?
2007/6/1 Michael Devereux (University of British Columbia) Country Portfolios in Open Economy Macro Models (with Alan Sutherland)
2007/6/7 Tsutomu Miyagawa (Gakushuin University) (in Japanese)
2007/6/11 Hideki Toya (Nagoya City University) Using Natural Disasters as a Test of Fiscal Decentralization Performance

Masakatsu Okubo

(University of Tsukuba)

Life-Cycle Savings and Wealth Distribution in Japan
2007/6/25 James H. Hamilton (UCSD) Daily Monetary Policy Shocks and the Delayed Response of New Home Sales
2007/6/29 John Leahy (New York University) A Phillips Curve with an Ss Foundation (with Mark Gertler)

Maarten Dossche

(Banque Nationale de Belgique)

Price-Setting in the Euro Area: Some Stylized Facts from Individual Producer Price Data

Ruud H. Koning

(University of Groningen)

A Practical Approach to Validating a PD Model
2007/7/9 Ryuzo Miyao (Kobe University) Understanding Price Dynamics in Japan's Deflationary Period: A Monetary Perspective

Shigeru Matsukawa

(Osaka Prefecture University)

A Simple Recipe for Monetarists from Deflationary Activists

Hiroyuki Kasahara

(University of Western Ontario)

Sequential Estimation of Structural Models with Fixed Point Constraint

Masaya Sakuragawa

(Keio University)

A global analysis of international capital movement under capital market imperfection

Satoshi Koibuchi

(Chiba University of Commerce)

(in Japanese)
2007/10/29 Youichi Furukawa (Keio University) Intellectual Property Rights and the Standardization of Technology

Kaoru Hosono

(Gakushuin University)

(in Japanese)
2007/11/22 Jarko Fidrmuc (CESifo) Business Cycle in Europe and in Asia

R. Anton Braun

(The University of Tokyo)

The saving rate in Japan: Why it has fallen and why it will remain low

Statistics & Econometrics

Date Speaker Title
2007/5/25 Kohei Aono (Hitotsubashi University)

(in Japanese)


Taku Yamamoto

(Hitotsubashi University)

(in Japanese)



Katsumi Shimotsu

(Queen's University)

Nonparametric Identification and Estimation of Finite Mixture Models of Dynamic Discrete Choices
2007/6/8 Ryo Okui (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Asymptotically unbiased estimation of autocovariances and autocorrelations with long panel data

Takayuki Morimoto

(Hitotsubashi University)

An optimal weight for realized variance based on intermittent high-  frequency data

Tsunemasa Shiba

(Hitotsubashi University)

Fully Bayesian Estimation of Unknown HeteroskedasticVariances
2007/6/29 Yoko Konishi (Hitotsubashi University) Measuring the Firm-Specific Productivities

Eiji Kurozumi

(Hitotsubashi University)

Asymptotic Properties of the Efficient Estimators for Cointegrating Regression Models with Serially Dependent Errors
2007/7/12 Takaki Hayashi (Keio University) Nonsynchronous covariation with application to high-frequency finance

Antonio Aznar

(University of Zaragoza)

A Point Optimal Test for the Null of Near Integration
2007/10/19 Myoung-jae Lee (Korea University) Measuring the Usage Effects of Tying a Messenger to Windows

Kei Nanamiya

(Hitotsubashi University)

A Note on Multiscale Regression

Hitoshi Motoyama

(Hitotsubashi University)

(in Japanese)



Keita Owari

(Hitotsubashi University)

Robust Exponential Hedging and Robust Projection of Probability Measures with Linear Penalty

Katsuto Tanaka

(Hitotsubashi University)

Analysis of models with complex roots on the unit circle
2007/12/7 Yuki Ito (Hitotsubashi University)

(in Japanese)


Masataka Suzuki

(Hitotsubashi University)

A Model of Asset Prices with Heterogeneous Irrational Investors
2007/12/14 Reiko Tobe (Hitotsubashi University) (in Japanese)

Toshio Honda

(Hitotsubashi University)

Estimation in Partial Linear Models under Long-Range Dependence

International Trade & Investment

Date Speaker Title

Yoshimasa Komoriya

(Hitotsubashi University)

Taxes, Tariffs and Transfer Pricing under Monopoly
2007/1/23 Hu Yunfang (Kobe University) Human Capital Accumulation, Home Production and Equilibrium Dynamics
2007/2/27 Chia-Hui Lu (Academia Sinica) Foreign Direct Investment under Uncertainty

Kamal Saggi

(Southern Methodist University)

The Economics of WTO's Non-discrimination Rules

Giovanni Maggi

(Princeton University)

Trade agreements as endogenously incomplete contracts (with Robert Staiger and Henrik Horn)

Naoki Yoshihara

(Hitotsubashi University)

Imperialist policy versus welfare state policy: A Theory of Political Competition over Military Policy and Redistribution

Yoshimasa Komoriya

(Hitotsubashi University)

Transfer Pricing and Taxation with Heterogeneous Firms

Emily Blanchard

(University of Virginia)

Political Stasis or Protectionist Rut? Policy Mechanisms for Reform Under Democracy

Emily Blanchard

(University of Virginia)

Governments, Politics, and Voters: Modeling the Political Economy of Trade Reform


Date Speaker Title

Hiroyuki Chuma

(Hitotsubashi University)

(in Japanese)


2007/5/15 Giorgio Brunello (Padova/Kyoto) The Stairways to Heaven: a Model of Career Choice in Sports and Games, with an Example from Chess (with Kenn Ariga, Roki Iwahashi and Lorenzo Rocco)

Sebastien Lechevalier

Nicolas Canry

Julien Fouquau

(Paris 1 University)

Price Dynamics in Japan (1981-2001): A Structural Analysis of Mechanisms in the Goods and Labor Markets

Ryu Kanbayashi

(Hitotsubashi Univeristy)

Deferred Compensation: Evidence from Employer-Employee Matched Data from Japan (with Kyoji Fukao, Daiji Kawaguchi, Hyeog Ug Kwon, Young Gak Kim, and Izumi Yokoyama)

Ayako Kondo

(Columbia University)

Long-term Effects of a Recession at Labor Market Entry in Japan and the United States

Edward Vytlacil

(Columbia University)

Treatment Effect Bounds: An Application to Swan-Ganz Catheterization (joint with Azeem Shaikh and Jay Bhattacharya)

Tatsuro Iwaisako

(Ritsumeikan University)

Patent Enforcement, Capital Accumulation, and Economic Growth
2007/7/10 Kiho Yoon (Korea University) Optimal licensing contracts under demand uncertainty: An application to Korea's 3G mobile licensing case

Sayaka Nakamura

(Rice University)

How Do Hospitals Respond When Profitable Patients Become Unprofitable?
2007/10/9 Makoto Nirei (Carleton University) Aggregate fluctuations of discrete investments
2007/10/16 Kiyoshi Matubara (Nihon University) (in Japanese)

Kenji Wada (Keio University)

Akihito Toda (Keio University)

(in Japanese)



Yasuhiro Arai

(Hitotsubashi University)

(in Japanese)


2007/11/6 Toshiyuki Matsuura (Hitotsubashi University) Measurement of consumer benefit of competition in Japanese retail outlets

David Neumark

(University of California)

Identifying the Effect of Never-Married Motherhood on Child Outcomes Using Variation in Incarceration Rates
2007/11/27 Akiko Oishi (Chiba University) (in Japanese)

Kengo Yasui

(Hitotsubashi University)

The Male Marriage Premium in Japan (with Shinpei Sano)