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Admission to the Graduate Program

Admission to the graduate program is administered by the Graduate Program in Economics.

Our graduate program consists of a two-year program and a three-year doctoral program, as in the How chart below.

Admission to the Graduate Program

1. Master's Program

In addition to the Entrance Examination for the Master's Program, The Faculty of Economics also administers an Entrance Examination for International Applicants for the Master's Program. This latter exam for international applicants is usually announced in July and held in February the following year at Hitotsubashi University.

2. Doctoral Program

In order to proceed to the Doctoral Program from the Master's Program, students must pass a comprehensive exam and a final exam in March. The comprehensive exams are held in September and February every year.

Those with a Master's degree from another university who wish to study in our Doctoral Program may be eligible for (1) a preliminary exam in October with a final exam in March the following year, or (2) the AO (Admission Office) exam. The application for the AO exam is usually accepted between July and early December each year.

Application Materials

Application documents for the exams for International applicants are downloadable from the links below. Note that after the application period for an exam has passed,the documents required in subsequent application periods may change and may therefore not be valid for applications in those periods. In such a case, the list and description of application documents should be used for general reference only.

Other application materials are available here (in Japanese).


For more information, please contact the Co-Director of the Graduate Program in Economics, Professor Chiaki MORIGUCHI at chiaki@ier

3. Research Student (Non-Regular Student)

To apply to our Graduate Program as a research student, first contact the Student Exchange Division at Hitotsubashi University (c.f. Contact Information at Hitotsubashi University).

To apply to the Graduate Program as a Japanese government (MEXT: Monbukagakusho) scholarship student, please use this link.

* For more information about studying at Hitotsubashi University, please visit the University web site.