5-year Combined B.A. and M.A. Program in Economics (5-year CBMA)

To provide a variety of professional training opportunities in economics, the Faculty of Economics offers a 5-year combined bachelor (4 years) plus graduate master (1 year) program, called 5-year Combined B.A. and M.A. Program in Economics (5-year CBMA), in which both Bachelor and Master degrees in Economics are to be completed within 5 years, one year shorter than a regular two-year master course program.

5-year CBMA provides four types of Professional Analyst Course: (1) Public Policy, (2) Statistics and Finance, (3) Regional Studies, and (4) Health Care. In addition, those who advance to doctoral courses after graduating from 5-year CBMA programs are to select Academic Researcher Course which provides more advanced courses in economics for prospective academic researchers.

Number of students to be admitted to the 5-year CBMA is about 20 every year. Application period is in the undergraduate 3rd year. For details about the 5-year CBMA, please visit our website (in Japanese) or contact the chair of the 5-year CBMA committee, Professor Katsumasa NISHIDE ()